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Taking a Well Deserved Break.

I’m taking a break for the next couple of months to focus on my health. This means progress on my game engine Blue Dream will come to a halt. I will still dedicate Saturdays to work on the website. This means 1 day a week for Ecco the Dolphin related work. I will put more energy into this project once my health and mental health are at 100%.

Last year I put everything I had into making a name for Ecco the Dolphin Online. This includes my work with reverse engineering the games, and gathering new materials for the website. Unfortunately it has taken a toll on me, I sacrificed my mental and physical health, isolated myself from my family and burnt myself out. What I should make clear is despite my sacrifice it was something I needed to do. It was worth it.

I was angry about a catalyst of events that happened ages ago. I had something I needed to prove to myself. This is why I started Ecco Online and began what would end up being a massive dump of the games graphical assets. I needed to know if I could do it, because if I could do it then there was nothing I couldn’t do. I also needed to know that if I could turn back time, and restarted my original Ecco the Dolphin website from scratch, could I build a community greater than what I had before?

I exceeded my expectations. In the process I conquered a demon I thought I’d never have another chance to confront. I can now put the past behind me while at the same time continuing Ecco Online for fun. It’s a hobby after all. It’s suppose to be fun! So with that said, once my health is back, things will slow down for a little while. You may notice it, you may not. Once I have my health back I will return more dangerous than ever, ready to take my game engine Blue Dream to a whole new level, while at the same time taking the Ecco the Dolphin community with it.