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Community Spotlight

Recognizing Individuals for their Outstanding Contributions!

In the early days of the Internet, Ecco the Dolphin fans were eager to get their works showcased on niche websites related to Ecco the Dolphin. Over time, fans moved away from one topic websites toward social networks, allowing them to showcase their work to a borader audience. This put them in the spotlight by giving them the ability to grow their own audience. In contrast, this was bad for small hubs that focused on topics like Ecco the Dolphin. The owners of said hubs would now have to reach out to fans in order to keep the spirit of the community alive.

This begs the question, why would anyone want to conribute content to a website where only a few people are going to see it? It seemed more trouble than it was worth and the community suffered because of it.

To solve this problem we decided to take fan works to the next level by creating a community spotlight. This allows us to recognize individuals who contribute to the Ecco the Dolphin community. We wanted to create a way to show our appreciation to contributors by rewarding them with our recognition. We feel recognition is important for bringing greater awareness to these individuals and their work. By doing so we hope it encourages them to do more which in turn helps the Ecco the Dolphin community grow!

If you have or know of someone who has an Ecco the Dolphin related project that we should feature please contact us. All contributors are welcome. We want to showcase your work and hear your story!

JAMATAR: Muscian, Chiptune Artist, and Engineer

JAMATAR is a musician known for incorporating a Game Boy Color in his performances. He is working on GENajam: A device that can be configured to use instraments from any Mega Drive game.

In this interview we talk about his musical inspirations, how he aquired the very rare MegaJet and how he used GENajam to play instraments from Ecco the Dolphin.