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ecco 2 the tides of time soundtrack
Ecco 2, Soundtracks - Game Gear/Master System
ecco 2: the tides of time
Ecco 2: The Tides of Time
Game Gear/Master System
Game Ecco 2: The Tides of Time
Hardware Game Gear
Region(s) NTSC/PAL
File Format FLAC
Recorded Sample Rate 24-bit 98KHz Stereo
FLAC Sample Rate 24-bit 48KHz Stereo
Artist(s) Gábor Foltán, Csaba Gigor, László Fazekas
Copyright Novotrade International, 1994
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Game Gear/Master System
#01 - Home Bay
Debug Menu Music Number 02
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance
Title Screen Tube of Medusa
Opening Sequence Getaway
Home Bay Globe Holder
DDD Swimming
(Debug Menu Level Number 4, 7, 14, 18)
#02 - Vents of Medusa
Debug Menu Sound Number 03
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance
Maze of Stone Vortex Queen
The Eye Celebration
Sea of Birds  
#03 - Maze of Stone
Debug Menu Sound Number 04
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance
Vents of Medusa Asterite Cave
(Debug Menu Level Number 9, 21)
Skyway Convergence
(Debug Menu Level Number 13, 17)
#04 - Sea of Darkness
Debug Menu Sound Number 05
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance
Sea of Darkness Deep Ridge
#05 - Vortex Future
Debug Menu Sound Number 06
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance
Vortex Future New Machine
#06 - Atlantis
Debug Menu Sound Number 01
Stage/Screen/Cutscene Occurance