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About Ecco the Dolphin PC 2003 Japanese


Ecco the Dolphin PC 2003 is the Japanese successor to the original that was released for Windows 3.1 and 95. The first Ecco PC didn’t have a long lifespan as it was designed to bridge the gap between two dramatically different versions of Windows. By the time Windows 98 was released the original Ecco PC no longer worked.

To address this Sega released a new Ecco PC that is essentially the Japanese version of Ecco the Dolphin for the Mega Drive. This version plays like one would expect from an early Mega Drive emulated game, which were notorious at the time for poor quality sound. This in no way detracts from the games overall quality and experience. What makes this version of Ecco PC great is it still works today on modern hardware and in Windows 10! This is because it only requires DirectX 8.1 to operate.

Unfortunately for whatever reason, this version of Ecco PC was only released in Japan. Perhaps it was to test the market for repackaged Mega Drive games, like those you’d find through an app store.

Either way, we are pleased to offer this game for download, complete with manual and package art.

Special Thanks To...

I would like to thank Cacodemum (Twitter: https://twitter.com/cacodemum) who provided all the material to make this section possible. The manuals and cover art were all retouched and restored painstakingly by her to bring them to their fullest glory. Also be sure to check out her Ecco the Dolphin website http://origin-beach.com/ to see her collection as well as more of her preservation efforts.

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP Windows 10 (Windowed Mode Recommended)

Processor: Pentium III 466MHz and Above

Memory: 128MB and Above

Resolution: 640 X 480 16-bit Color

Requires: DirectX 8.1

Additional Requirements

Ecco PC 2003 was originally designed to run fullscreen in 640 X 480 mode. However this mode doesn't work correctly on most modern PCs. To remedy this problem press F1 on your keyboard to switch to Windowed Mode.

Be aware that we only provide an ISO image of Ecco PC 2003. You will need additional software to eithier burn the ISO image onto a disc or mount it as a virtual disc.

If you would like to burn Ecco PC onto a disc, you could download ImgBurn for free from https://www.imgburn.com/.

If you do not have a disc to burn Ecco PC onto, our preferred solution is to mount it as a virtual disc with a free program called WinCDEmu, available at https://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/.


F1 = Switch Between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode

UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT for Direction

J = Sonar, K = Charge, L = Swim

ENTER = Pause

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