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The Ecco the Dolphin Community is now on Discord!

Ecco the Dolphin Online provides a Discord where fans can interact with other fans from around the world. By joining our Discord you get the chance to participate in the Ecco the Dolphin community. Our community is a great place to share fan related works like art, music, hacks and fan games. Become an active contributor to our website by getting involved with some of our community driven projects. Drop by and collaborate with our preservationists to help restore or translate media.

Members of our Discord get additional perks like exclusive downloads, access to upcoming competitions and behind the scenes access to Blue Dream: Our Ecco the Dolphin game engine! Joining is free, so what are you waiting for? Drop by and let’s collaborate!

What is a Discord Exactly?

A Discord combines the benefits of a chatroom and message board. Our server provides several channels where users can talk about, or post items related to a specific topic. The overall feeling is like that of a message board where the conversations occur in real time, much like a chatroom. Some Discords provide a voice channel where users can actually talk to one another. A Discord is extremely useful for collaborating with others; This could be on anything such as playing a game or working on a project.

ecco the dolphin discord

With over 400 members Ecco Online boasts the largest Ecco the Dolphin Discord on the net!.

Need Help, Tips or have a Question?

Our Ecco the Dolphin Discord is a great place for finding strategies from any of the games from the series. Need help getting through “Welcome to the Machine” from Ecco the Dolphin. Or how about finding all the lost orcas from Ecco 2: The Tides of Time. We can help you collect all the vitalits from Ecco, Defender of the Future. It doesn’t matter which console it’s on, be it a Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear, Master System or Sega CD, we got you covered!

We can answer some of your questions regarding the games. Or we help you solve some of the mysteries behind the games you might be curious about. We can also answer questions you might NOT want to know about. You’d be surprised what a collective knowledge base of Ecco the Dolphin fans can gather...

Fan Works

Since the beginning of the Internet fans have shared works that exist in a variety of mediums. The most exciting of these were produced by those who specialize in art or music. Artwork created by Ecco the Dolphin fans can be traditional or digital, including 3D rendered models. Music can be recreations or remixes of melodies from the series. Did you know the music of Ecco the Dolphin inspired the creation of an entire genre of music known as vaporwave?

Other types of fan works include fan created stories, also known as fan-fiction. These are usually continuations of the existing stories, new stories entirely, or spin offs. One of the most popular ways to express Ecco the Dolphin fan-fiction is through comics.

On our Discord we provide channels specifically for different types of fan works. If you have a unique creation you would like to share with us, you are more than welcome to drop by our Discord and post it!

Community Projects

The purpose of our Discord is to bring people together and produce new content that helps keep the Ecco the Dolphin spirit alive. We are always open to new project ideas that engages people. Some of our projects are important for preservation such as our media restoration and translation projects. Other projects like hacking and game dev allow us to see what other people are working on. Fan made games are essential in communities that rarely see a new release.

Media Restoration and Translations

One of the fundamental keys to preservation is gathering resources to archive. Part of that process is to scan and document material for digital archival. Unfortunately not all material that’s gathered is in pristine condition. To help with the restoration process we have a team of volunteers who help to restore, refine and remaster content. This is vital to our preservation efforts as there is too much material for any single person to tackle.

The heart of our communities preservation efforts is our Discord. It’s where our team of preservationists can collaborate and work as a think tank. Everything produced on our #media-restoration channel eventually gets uploaded to our website’s Media Restoration section. Anyone who wants to become part of our preservation team is welcome!

ecco the dolphin japanese poster

Callyfin restores a poster for the Japanese version of Ecco the Dolphin.

linkinboss creates ecco the dolphin ds cover

Linkinboss creates a custom Ecco the Dolphin DS Cover.

Hacking and Game Dev

The focus of Ecco the Dolphin Online is to reverse engineer and document vital portions of the games code. The purpose of this is to provide resources for others who are interested in developing Ecco the Dolphin fan made games. As of this writing it’s been over 20 years since a new Ecco the Dolphin game has been released. Even if a new one comes out tomorrow, it could be several years before we see another. To help fill this gap we encourage all who are working on Ecco hacks and fan games to participate in our community. It will not only provide an audience to share their projects with, but a place to collaborate their ideas with others.

keys online ecco the dolphin fan game

Key's online Ecco the Dolphin fan game is an extremely impressive piece of software that can run straight from a browser!

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a game engine and level extraction tool currently in development. All of our level maps and sprites were generated from it. The ultimate goal of Blue Dream is to create a compatible game engine that can load new and existing assets from the Ecco the Dolphin series. This includes being able to load new stages created by fans. Blue Dream is loosely based on some of the original code used in Ecco the Dolphin 2. We keep a developers log on our Discord where interested parties can keep up with our progress.

blue dream ecco jr

An Ecco Jr. level map loaded into the Blue Dream game engine.


One of the perks of being a member of our Discord is the ability to participate in our competitions. We require everyone who wants to compete to become a Discord member first. Through our competitions we offer unique, limited edition Ecco the Dolphin prizes that cannot be found anywhere else.

Exclusive Downloads

In addition to all that was mentioned above, we also offer our Discord members access to exclusive downloads, sneak peaks of our latest research and early access to upcoming articles. It is the ultimate community for any Ecco the Dolphin fan!

And More...

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